Competition Site:
Cashman Convention Center
850 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 386-7100

Winter Cup All-Around
Prelims to be held Thursday
AA Finals on Saturday Night

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The 2016 Winter Cup & BlackJack Competition will take place once again in Las Vegas on February 17th to 21st this coming season.

The 2016 Winter Cup and BlackJack Men's Championship will be held at the Cashman Convention Center in Las Vegas February 17th - 21st. In this Olympic year this competition will feature the best male gymnasts in the United States qualifying to the Olympic trials series. It will definitely be the most exciting competition in recent years as the men's team looks forward to competing for the Gold Medal in Rio! Entry for the BlackJack must be made in advance as soon as possible. The meet is expected to be full very early. Don't wait to reserve your spot!